Addicted to Information?

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Good reading.. nice points on information overload and internet addiction.

Why People Are Addicted to Info-Products

Information is like drug addictionHave you ever wondered why people buy dozens of info-​​products… and yet never seem to get around to consuming them, much less using them?

I have.

And for a long time I just blamed it on people being lazy. In my own case, I blamed it on being too busy with client work to get around to some of those extracurricular learning pursuits not necessary to my daily work.

But there is now new research that discounts “The Laziness Theory” and “The I’m-Too-Busy Theory.”

Turns out, it’s not that people are lazy or unwilling to take “massive action” — it’s simply that living an always-​​on wired life causes people to become addicted to new information.

Written by Ryan Healy on Michel Fortin blog